Intrepid, U.S.S. (NCC-38907)

Excelsior-class Federation starship, registry no. NCC-38907. On Stardate 23859.7 (2346), the Intrepid was the first ship from Starfleet on the scene after the Romulan massacre at the Klingon outpost Khitomer. A warp engineer, Sergey Rozhenko, adopted the lone survivor, 6-year-old Worf.

In 2375, while infiltrating Species 8472's Terrasphere 8 in the Delta Quadrant, Commander Chakotay of the U.S.S. Voyager claimed to have just arrived from a three-year tour on the Intrepid. The creature posing as groundskeeper Boothby noted that the Intrepid was patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone at the time. This, though, was a contrived scenario in 8472's training simulation of the Federation. (In the Flesh)

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