Haun, Lindsey

From: Star Trek: Voyager

Caption: Haun in 2009

Star Trek: Voyager

Episode: VOY 116 - Learning Curve

Lindsey Haun has found ways to combine her music with acting in recent years, highlighted so far with country star Toby Keith in his film debut Broken Bridges and her hit single, “Broken.” Her two Voyager stints as Gothic holo-daughter Beatrice Burleigh came in “Learning Curve” and “Persistence of Vision.”

Haun, a 1984 native of Los Angeles, made her first big impact as Mara, the child villain of the Village of the Damned remake in 1995. She has been most visible of late as Hadley Hale in several episodes of Shotime’s True Blood, but other TV credits include Melrose Place, Malcolm in the MNIddle, Alias, 7th Heaven, Without a Trace, Ciminal Minds, and Cold Case. She also performs with her current band, Haun Solo Project, in Los Angeles.