From: Star Trek: Voyager

Caption: Gotana-Retz

Star Trek: Voyager

Episode: VOY 233 - Blink of an Eye

(Played by Daniel Dae Kim)

An astronaut from the time-displaced planet that the U.S.S. Voyager encountered in mid-2376. One of the best pilots in his society, Gotana-Retz was selected to be one of two astronauts to intercept the "Skyship" that had been hovering above their world for centuries (relative to the planet's own time frame). Upon arriving at their destination, the time transition killed his partner, but Gotana-Retz was saved, and he was the first to learn the true name of the mythical Skyship which had sparked the imagination of so many — "Voyager."

The short time Gotana-Retz spent aboard Voyager translated into several decades on the surface, enough time for his society to develop antimatter weapons which were used to bombard the ship (because the "Skyship" was blamed for the destructive quakes the planet continually suffered). To stop the assault, Gotana-Retz took his command module back to the surface, and had to overcome initial skepticism because he had been assumed dead for many years. But the famous pilot convinced his world to develop peaceful technology that would help lift Voyager out of the gravimetric gradient it had been stuck in.

As a child, the first things Gotana-Retz remembers seeing were the toys hanging above his crib depicting the Skyship. As an old man, one of the last things he witnessed was the final departure of that "Star of the Day, Star of the Night."

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