Galor-class Cardassian warship

A powerful Cardassian Union military vessel, used quite often. Its side flanges are known as "blades" and its phaser fire is pale yellow in color.

Galor-class warships have been used in the following instances:

  • Two Galor-class warships entered orbit to rescue Li Nalas and other Bajorans still held on Cardassia IV. Another, apparently commanded by Gul Toran, came to put pressure on Commander Sisko to release the three Cardassian Underground members.
  • Phaser banks from this class ship were mounted on at least two small Cardassian shuttlecraft which attacked a United Federation of Planets merchant ship suspected of covertly ferrying weapons to the Maquis.
  • Gul Evek's ship with the Cardassian Fourth Order was damaged on its port blade when it followed Chakotay's small Maquis craft into the Badlands.
  • Two ships of the Eighth Order, otherwise unnamed, were turned back from intercepting the disguised Defiant only after Garak's brash bluff.
  • Nine ships of this class joined the Kraxon in chasing Tom Riker's stolen Defiant to Orias III.
  • The ships headed by Guls Dukat, Jasad and Dunar, though unspecified, all appear to be Galor-class.