Gaila (Ferengi)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Episode: DS9 516 - Business as Usual

A more successful Ferengi cousin of Quark's than some of his other relatives, Gaila had been an arms merchant since 2333 and owned a small moon on which he lived. He was a cool character who thought nothing of selling weapons that could be used to kill millions of innocent people. He was only interested in the profit that could be made from such a sale. Quark once loaned Gaila the latinum to start his munitions business, with the promise that if he became a success, he would buy Quark his own ship. Gaila made good on his promise in 2372, with a ship that Quark dubbed Quark's Treasure. Unfortunately, a malfunction (possibly caused by sabotage) caused the ship to crash on Earth in 1947, and the vessel was later sold as scrap. By late 2372, Quark owed Gaila a large sum of money. In 2373 Gaila was ready to retire and traveled to Deep Space 9 to groom his cousin Quark to take over his business. After an arms deal with the Regent of Palamar went terribly wrong, General Nassuc, the regent's enemy, sent a purification squad after Gaila.