Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Episode: DS9 470 - Shakaar

Bajoran farmer, member of the Shakaar resistance cell during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. During the occupation, Furel rescued fellow cell members Shakaar, Lupaza, and Kira Nerys from a Cardassian interrogation center. While the rescue was a success, Furel lost his left arm during the fight. He refused to have it replaced, fearing it would be ungrateful to the Prophets, whom he believed allowed him to rescue his friends. After the occupation, Furel settled on a farm in his home province of Dahkur. Furel was killed in 2373 when Silaran Prin, a Cardassian who had been injured by the Shakaar resistance cell, sought to win revenge on former members of the Shakaar group. Furel, who had traveled to Deep Space 9 to protect Kira Nerys, was killed along with Lupaza by a hunter probe.