Fuller, Bryan

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Episode: DS9 507 - Ascent, The

The creator and executive producer of the Hannibal, Pushing Daisies and such other quirky gems as Showtime's Dead Like Me and the short-lived Fox show Wonderfalls, Brian Fuller is a lifelong Star Trek and sci-fi fan whose first writing staff job and learning lab was with Star Trek: Voyager for its last four seasons. Fuller came to executive producer Brannon Braga's attention after selling two stories to sister series Deep Space Nine.

Born in Clarkston, Wash., Fuller attended Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, before transferring to the USC Film School. He may also be the most famous alumnus of the onetime writer's workshops Braga and Ron D. Moore offered at Creation's Grand Slam conventions in Pasadena during the height of the duo's years at The Next Generation. A few years later, Braga called to hire him on Voyager the very evening after Fuller's day-job boss had fired him for taking too many faked absences from his health care PR job — to pursue his writing.

Fuller's credits for Star Trek include the DS9 stories for "The Darkness and the Light" and "Empok Nor," plus 20 various solo or shared titles on Voyager including "Mortal Coil," "Barge of the Dead," "Bride of Chaotica!" and both two-parters for Season 7. As his episodes and various series attest, Fuller admits to a certain fascination with black humor and themes revolving around the oddities of life and death. His pilot script for Wonderfalls with Todd Holland netted a Writers Guild Award for episodic comedy in 2005, followed by WGA and Emmy nominations two years later as part of the staff for Heroes in its first season, which did win a Saturn Award for Best Network TV Show. Fuller also wrote for the comic book-based animated series The Amazing Screw-On Head, which aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.

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