Star Trek: Voyager
Episode: VOY 215 - Juggernaut

Experienced toxic waste freighter captain originating from Malon Prime. Fesek, whose official title is Waste Controller, has one son. For half of each year, Fesek is also a sculptor on his homeworld.

In his duties as Waste Controller, Fesek feels a strong social responsibility to his homeworld — without people like himself, the beautiful Malon planet would be ravaged by industrial waste.

Fesek, a realist, doesn't subscribe to the popular myth of Vihaar, a creature supposedly created by radiogenic waste that inhabits Malon ships. In 2375, Fesek assisted the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager in disabling a dangerous Malon freighter. As a result of his efforts, he suffered irreparable damage to his body. Fesek believes injuries such as his own are an "occupational hazard."