Donatra, Commander Romulan

Donatra protested Shinzon's coup against the Romulan Senate, and therefore ultimately opted to side against whatever plans he had for the future of the Romulan Empire.

Her warbird, the Valdore, intercepted the Enterprise-E during an incursion with Shinzon and the Scimitar. Donatra hailed Captain Picard and appologized for getting him and his crew involved in an internal matter of Romulan security. She promised that, upon defeating Shinzon, her and Picard would join for a drink of Romulan ale.

Her vessel was severely damaged during the battle with the Scimitar, leaving Donatra on the sidelines as Picard defeated Shinzon. Later, following Shinzon's defeat, Donatra pledged her hope to Picard that one day -- soon -- their collaboration would help pave future goodwill between the Romulans and the Federation.