Dick, Andy

From: Star Trek: Voyager

Caption: Dick in 2005

Star Trek: Voyager

Episode: VOY 181 - Message in a Bottle

Andy Dick has run the gamut of brilliant comedy and unfortunate legal troubles with addiction and relapse, but as a longtime Star Trek fan he was thrilled to appear on Voyager as the EMH Mark II visited by the Doctor and captured by Romulans “back home” in “Message In a Bottle.”

Born in 1965 in Charleston, S.C. and adopted at birth, Dick began his comedy career on The Ben Stiller Show and first came to fame as a star of NBC’s NewsRadio, his regular gig at the time he made his Voyager appearance. That was followed by his three-year sketch comedy Andy Dick Show on MTV.

Along with his notorious appearances on Comedy Central celebrity roasts, Dick also has infamous cameo bits in Reality Bites, Dude Where’s My Car?, Old School, Funny People and Zoolander.  He has also been recently seen in NBC’s Community and cable’s tosh.o, voiced “Monkey Man” for Hey Arnold!, the assistant for the animated Dilbert, Boingo Bunny for the Hoodwinked animated features and “Maurice” in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


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