Dax, Joran

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Episode: DS9 450 - Equilibrium

Male Trill who was the sixth host to the Dax symbiont, but whose joining was covered up by the Trill Symbiosis Commission. Born ca. 2264 as Joran Belar, a composer with a violent temper, he was accepted into the Trill initiate program and deemed unsuitable to host a symbiont, but for some reason was joined to Dax anyway in 2285. At that point Joran became more confident and "even colder than usual," according to his brother Yolad Belar, and six months later Joran Dax killed a doctor with the Symbiosis Commission who had recommended that Belar be dropped from the program. He was caught and the symbiont removed, killing Joran. The fact that Joran hosted the symbiont successfully for months, despite being declared unsuitable, threatened to expose the closely held secret that nearly half the Trill population is capable of being joined. Rather than risk the chaos that could ensue, the Symbiosis Commission altered the official record to cover up the fact that Joran Belar had been joined, stating that he was still an initiate in 2285 when he committed the murder and was killed trying to flee the murder scene. The record also altered the fact that the previous host, Torias Dax, died immediately after his shuttle crash in 2285; it stated that Torias Dax was in a coma for six months, at which time the symbiont was removed, killing Torias, and immediately transferred to new host Curzon. The coverup extended to biochemically erasing Joran's memories from Dax's mind. The commission's fiction was maintained until 2371, when the memory block deteriorated, altering the neurochemistry of then-host Jadzia Dax and endangering her life. Jadzia's friends uncovered the truth and coerced Trill authorities — by threatening to reveal their secret — to save Jadzia by allowing Joran's memories to emerge and be reintegrated into Dax's mind. Jadzia successfully assimilated the resurfaced memories, and even picked up Joran's musical talent. The existence of Joran Dax remained suppressed from public knowledge, however.

When Jadzia Dax invoked the Trill Rite of Closure or "Zhian'tara" in 2371, she transferred the memories of the dangerous Joran into her friend Benjamin Sisko, but while keeping him in a holding cell behind a forcefield. Joran berated Jadzia for being unworthy of the Dax symbiont, then tricked her into lowering the forcefield and tried to escape with Sisko's body. But Jadzia overpowered him with a few Klingon-style blows and brought Sisko back.

In 2375, Ezri Dax, the ninth host, invoked the Rite of Emergence to call up the essence of Joran to help her solve a serial murder case on Deep Space 9. Joran had appeared to her in a dream and urged her to channel his memories and let him assist her in understanding and apprehending the killer. Ezri was uncomfortable tapping into the "killer instinct" kept deep inside her, and at one point nearly killed an innocent man. But Joran's presence helped her identify the killer as the Vulcan Chu'lak. She wounded the suspect, and Joran urged Ezri to "finish him off," but she abstained. With the case closed, Ezri reburied Joran's memories within her, knowing she must remain vigilant about her submerged violent instincts.