Dax, Audrid

Female Trill who was the fourth host to the Dax symbiont. Audrid Dax, loving mother to at least two children, once served as head of the Trill Symbiosis Commission. Being named to that post was the happiest event of her life, next to giving birth to her first child. One of Audrid's children was a girl named Neema. At age six Neema came down with Rugalan fever and spent two weeks in the hospital. While there, Audrid read her all 17 volumes of Caster's Down the River Light, even though her daughter was unconscious the whole time. Later Audrid realized that reading the book was as much for herself as for Neema, to compensate for her feelings of helplessness. Neema survived the illness. When she was 21 Neema had a falling out with Audrid, and mother and daughter did not speak for eight years.

Besides brushing hair and nursing children, Audrid also loved to take walks in the woods.

When Jadzia Dax, the eighth host, invoked the Trill Rite of Closure or "Zhian'tara" in 2371, she transferred the memories of Audrid into her friend Quark. Having Quark embody the extremely feminine Audrid was a bit of a joke Jadzia played on the chauvinistic Ferengi.

Audrid was joined with Dax about the mid-23rd century. The host died about 2284.