Darson, Captain

Commander of the U.S.S. Adelphi until his death during a disastrous first-contact situation at Ghorusda. A misunderstanding regarding Ghorusdan values, which are very complex and unusual, led to 47 people being killed, including him. A Starfleet board of inquiry blamed the incident on Captain Darson's carelessness about Ghorusdan cultural taboos. But some, including Will Riker, thought that Tam Elbrun, the Betazoid empath sent as a specialist on the mission, should have been able to prevent such a misunderstanding. Elbrun defended himself by claiming that if Darson had listened to him, no one would have died. But Elbrun couldn't help but have doubts, and wondered if he could have warned Darson more forcefully about the impending hostilities.