Dal, Joret

Member of the Cardassian military and a Federation operative. In 2370 Dal risked his life to come to the Enterprise-E in an escape pod and provide invaluable information about Cardassia's strategic intentions — information that would enhance the security of Bajor as well as other nearby planets. It was imperative that Dal be returned to Cardassian space safely, so Captain Picard recruited Ensign Sito, a Bajoran, to accompany him in the shuttlecraft Curie. The plan was for Dal to pretend that he stole the Federation shuttlecraft, and Sito would pose as a Bajoran terrorist that Dal had taken prisoner. He would cross the border by claiming to be a bounty hunter, and bribe patrol guards if necessary. Sito was to return to Federation space in an escape pod. The plan succeeded in getting Dal home, but Sito was killed in the escape pod on the way back, according to an intercepted Cardassian report.

Dal did not consider himself a traitor to his people. He served in the military all his life, and he believed that what was once an institution dedicated to the security of Cardassia became little more than a platform for ambitious Guls hoping to make their reputations in battle. He was sick of war and felt his people needed peace, so if the information he provided to Starfleet would deter even one pointless border skirmish, he will have served his purpose.