Commander-in-Chief, Starfleet

In 2293, at Starfleet HQ on Earth, the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief convened an urgent meeting on Earth, where he declared that the "Klingon Empire has roughly fifty years of life left to it." His succinct words marked the opening of peace talks between the Federation and the Klingons.

On the behest of Spock, who opened up a dialogue with Klingon Chancellor Gorkon, the C-in-C ordered Captain Kirk to be the first olive branch. The C-in-C instructed Kirk and crew to take the Enterprise-A and escort the Chancellor to his meeting on Earth. The C-in-C believed that, if anyone planned to attack either the Enterprise, or the Chancellor's ship, or if the Klingons thought they could take advantage of the situation, then that party would think twice with Kirk commanding.

At Khitomer, the second and secret site for the peace talks, the C-in-C was present when Kirk and crew, along with Captain Sulu, revealed those involved with the conspiracy against peaceful relations between the Klingons and the Federation.