coma, Bashir's

Telepathically induced by Altovar the Lethean, a hallucination which Doctor Bashir's mind created to heal himself using representations of his personality. A terrified Quark, adventurous Science Officer Dax, paranoid Constable Odo, pessimistic Chief O'Brien, skilled Commander Sisko, aggressive Major Kira, and a villainous Garak as the Lethean's camouflage, was all within the doctor's mind, represented by the station in a massive system and computer failure.Getting the computer back on-line comes to stand for Bashir regaining his own consciousness, but the doctor finally realizes it must be done from his own nerve center in the Infirmary, not from Ops. In what may be only a partial truth, Altovar insists Doctor Bashir gave up throughout his life: he was good enough to play pro tennis but acceded to parental wishes, intentionally missing the question on his medical finals so as not finish first, and gave up pursuing Science Officer Dax without really trying.