Coleridge, Biddle ("B.C.")

Resident of Sanctuary District A in San Francisco, Earth, who started the uprising in 2024 that came to be known as the Bell Riots. Biddle Coleridge was called "B.C." in the District, and he led a group of "ghosts" — dangerous people who don't integrate well into the Sanctuary — in preying on other residents to steal their food cards. B.C. and his gang attacked newcomers Sisko and Bashir for this reason, and in the ensuing altercation, another resident named Gabriel Bell tried to intervene, whereupon B.C. stabbed him to death. Bell was to go down in history as the one whose benevolent actions during the riots of 2024 would change public opinion toward the Sanctuary Districts and would lead to sweeping social reforms. Sisko therefore, in order to preserve the timeline, adopted the identity of Gabriel Bell when B.C. led the takeover of the District's Processing Center and took the employees there hostage.

B.C. claimed he was trying to make a "political statement" and even stage "a nice photo op." Sisko agreed that the incident needed to take place, but knew his role was to keep B.C.'s violent tendencies in check so the hostages wouldn't be hurt. B.C.'s only concrete plan was to trade the hostages for his freedom and get amnesty, a handful of credit chips and a flight to Tasmania (because Errol Flynn was born there). But he came to agree with Sisko's alternative purpose to demand the closing of the Sanctuaries and reinstatement of the Federal Employment Act. This was not to happen in the immediate term, however, and when National Guard troops stormed the Processing Center, B.C. was shot in the chest by a SWAT team member. His death, though, did ultimately contribute to the reforms that were sought, along with a raised awareness that led the United States to finally begin facing the serious social problems it had struggled with for over a century.