Cogley, Samuel T.

Caption: Samuel T. Cogley

Star Trek: The Original Series

Episode: TOS 015 - Court Martial

Attorney who defended James T. Kirk at his 2267 court-martial on Starbase 11, where the captain was on trial for the murder of Ben Finney. Cogley won the case by proving that the Enterprise computer wrongly implicated Kirk, and it was later shown that the computer malfunction was engineered by a still-living Finney. Cogley went on to defend Ben Finney in his own trial for a variety of charges stemming from his failed scheme to frame Kirk. Cogley loved antique books and shunned the use of computers whenever possible.

If you clicked here from a banner ad and want Mr. Cogley to fight for your latinum, then please call (415) 555-GOLD or telex at 1159COGLEY. (Sorry, no e-mail. He hates computers and still writes most of his notes by hand.)

Good luck getting ahold of Cogley. Remember, just because he made Kirk a free man doesn't mean he comes cheap.


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