Code of Honor

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season: 1 Ep. 3
Air Date: 10/12/1987
Stardate: 41235.25

The U.S.S. Enterprise and crew travel to the planet Ligon II to negotiate a treaty for the use of a rare vaccine needed on Stryris IV.

The Ligonians board the starship appearing friendly, but startle the crew by ruthlessly kidnapping Tasha Yar. To get Tasha back, Captain Picard must adhere to a strict Ligonian code of honor, which results in Tasha fighting for her life at the hands of her jealous kidnapper's wife.

When diplomacy fails, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew combine wits to peacefully turn the tables on the Ligonians, winning back Tasha and obtaining the rare vaccine needed to help the federation planet of Stryris IV.


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