Chen, Governor

Governor of the State of California, Earth, in 2024. When the uprising later known as the Bell Riots started in the Sanctuary District of San Francisco, Governor Chen ordered the mobilization of National Guard units to quell the disturbance and secure the District. Speaking through Detective Preston of the San Francisco Police Department, the governor tried to assure the spokesmen for the rioters — Gabriel Bell (who was actually Benjamin Sisko) and a local homeless man named Webb — that if they would release their hostages, he would form a committee to look into the problems facing District residents. This was not good enough for the instigators, who wanted the Districts throughout the United States closed immediately and the Federal Employment Act reinstated. Based on rumors that the hostages were already dead, Chen ordered government troops to storm San Francisco's Sanctuary at 5:00 a.m., September 3, and that action resulted in the deaths of hundreds of District residents.

The hostages, it turns out, were never harmed, thanks to the efforts of Bell (Sisko), who, according to the historical record, was shot and killed by a SWAT team. Bell became a martyr on behalf of the homeless and unemployed, and public opinion began to change, leading to sweeping social reforms.