Caption: Charlene

Star Trek: Voyager

Episode: VOY 164 - Real Life

The holographic "wife" of Voyager's EMH in a holodeck program that the Doctor designed to help him experience family life. Charlene and the two children, Jeffrey and Belle, were so "ridiculously perfect," that Torres could not handle being in their company. Torres offered to "tweak" the program so the Doctor's family life would be more reflective of reality. The character of Charlene then changed from being sickeningly sweet and supportive, to being independent, busy and harried, with a lecture schedule that kept her away from home often. When the Doctor — whom Charlene called "Kenneth" — tried to bring order back to the family, she objected that he was being unreasonable, and refused to follow his new rules. After their holo-daughter, Belle, suffered a mortal head injury and later died, the Doctor deactivated the program, and Charlene ceased to exist.

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