Sparkling white wine originating from the Champagne region of France, Earth.

Champagne is still much-used as a beverage for ceremonial toasts. Picard offered a toast to former lover Jenice Manheim with it, as did Troi when she dated Devinoni Ral; Dr. Paul Stubbs tried to brush aside Troi's probing with promises of champagne in New Manhattan on Beth Delta I. Bashir tried in vain to tempt Jadzia Dax to a dinner with a dry champagne Quark located for him from an estate bottler on Korris I. O'Brien had some for his cheer-up romantic evening with the newly bored Keiko on DS9.

Other public occasions include the bottles that were opened in the Wardroom to toast Bashir's Carrington nomination and — as a special order by Bashir — for Sisko's promotion party, Chateau Cleon 2303. Janeway asked about champagne after witnessing an historic supernova in the Delta Quadrant on the Voyager. Also, Lore slipped Data a mickey in his champagne in an attempt to switch uniforms and identities with him.

The traditional smashing of a champagne bottle on the hull of a newly christened vessel includes starships such as the U.S.S. Enterprise-B.