Cardassian warship

The ships headed by Guls Dukat, Jasad and Dunar, though unspecified, were all likely of the top-of-the-line Galor-class. Dukat's, with amber-orange running lights at the midpoint top and at each wing approached Deep Space Nine as soon as the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701- D departed. The interior of Dukat's ship was blandly steel gray/brown metallic interior — probably typical in style — featured angled arches, gridded ceiling lighting and flooring in corridors, lateral sliding doors, and in-wall crew lockers with automated hatch, opened with a one-touch side control panel. The ship-mounted weapons, referred to as phasers, were carried in at least two batteries; one forward, just under the overhanging fan structure, glows orange and fires a like-colored beam; it is fired in random duration. Cargo bays are located in the "belly" of the design.

Also, a Cardassian warship of unspecified class was destroyed by the U.S.S. Phoenix in 2367, even though the starship's prefix codes were given to the pursuing Cardassians, identified as "5459824854" on the Enterprise sensor imaging display.