Calvera, Bernardo

Young (28-ish) police officer in San Francisco, Earth, in 2024, who served in and around Sanctuary District A. He and his partner Vin were the first to find Sisko and Bashir unconscious near a subway entrance after a transporter accident deposited them into their time period. Vin and Bernardo processed the two strangely-dressed men into the Sanctuary District because they had no ID.

On September 1, 2024, Officer Calvera was inside the Sanctuary District and was being beaten by an angry mob at the start of the uprising that later became known as the Bell Riots. Sisko rescued Calvera, but then brought him to the Processing Center and allowed him to be taken hostage with other government employees (knowing that he would be protecting him under the guise of Gabriel Bell). As a hostage Calvera attempted to be a calming influence, to counteract Vin's dangerous abrasiveness. Motivated by survival, he even decided to cooperate with his captors and provide his access number to log onto the Net, so the rioters could see what the media was saying about them. Like all the other hostages, Calvera lived through the National Guard SWAT attack on the processing center that killed most of the instigators. He and Vin accompanied Bashir and the injured Sisko away from the incident, and officially reported that Gabriel Bell and his friend were among the casualties. A family man, Calvera kept with him a picture of his wife Sonya and his young son and daughter. He regarded the London Kings of 2015 to be the best baseball team he had ever seen.