Brynner, Chris

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Episode: DS9 457 - Past Tense, Part I

Well-known 21st-century Earth entrepreneur, owner of Brynner Information Systems. Chris Brynner's San Franciso-based company dealt with Interface operations and Net access, and ran Channel 90 on the Net.

On August 30, 2024, Brynner came across a strange but attractive tattooed women unconscious at a subway stop. He found out that "Jadzia" had no credit chips or ID, so he brought her to his office to use his Interface terminal and his account so she could order replacements. He then tried to help her reunite with the "travelling friends" she had been separated from, who he found out were inside Sanctuary District A. When riots broke out in the Sanctuary District, Brynner pulled a few strings to try to get Jadzia inside before her companions got hurt, but failed to get any official permission. Jadzia ultimately snuck in to the Sanctuary District on her own, found her friends and snuck out again. She came back to Brynner and implored him to allow the rioters a voice on his Channel 90. To do so would mean overriding a government block and violating (and thus losing) his Interface operating license ... but at least he would get good ratings, so he agreed. Due in large part to that decision, the Bell Riots — as the incident was later referred to — went down in history as a watershed event which raised awareness about the plight of the homeless and mentally ill, leading to significant social reforms.

Brynner was in high school in the 1990's, during which he got a tattoo of a Maori tribal pattern all the way down his arm. After he went into business, though, he removed the tattoo in order to "look just like the rest of the drones," which made him feel like a sell-out to a certain extent. Despite such reservations about his position in society, Brynner socializes with other industrial bigwigs and international jetsetters, and likes to ski on Mount Cook.