Brittain, U.S.S.

Caption: U.S.S. Brittain

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episode: TNG 191 - Night Terrors

A lost science vessel, last heard of 29 days prior to stardate 44631.2, the Brittain was found intact with no malfunction, yet adrift in an unspecified binary system.

All but one of its 35 crew members were found dead, killed by each others' hands, as a result of the insanity induced by the telepathic calls of aliens trapped (like the starship) across the Tyken's Rift.

The ship was built at the 40 Eridani-A Starfleet Construction Yards/Yoyodyne Division, and commissioned on stardate 22519.5.

The Enterprise-D encountered the lost starship in the Rift.