Borg sphere 634

Caption: Borg sphere 634 under fire

Star Trek: Voyager

Episode: VOY 272 - Endgame, Part II

In 2378, this Borg sphere was the last vessel to hear the thoughts of the Borg Queen, after the Collective was infected with a neurolytic pathogen introduced by Admiral Kathryn Janeway.

The sphere was sent to intercept the U.S.S. Voyager, in a Transwarp Hub corridor, and attempted to destroy the starship while the hub collapsed. But then the sphere "swallowed" Voyager, and emerged in the Alpha Quadrant -- less than a light-year away from Earth.

The sphere was destroyed from within by a transphasic torpedo. Voyager emerged intact from the sphere's debris to greet an armada of Federation ships, eager to welcome Voyager and her crew home.

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