Benteen, Erika

From: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Caption: Captain Erika Benteen

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Episode: DS9 484 - Paradise Lost

Starfleet officer who assisted Admiral Leyton in his attempted military coup against the Federation government on Earth during the Shapeshifter scare of 2372. Commander Benteen served as Leyton's adjutant when Captain Sisko was called to Earth to advise Starfleet on the Dominion threat, and she worked with Sisko to implement new security measures at Starfleet and Federation Headquarters to detect Changeling infiltrators. Leyton then promoted Benteen to captain (at about Stardate 49170) and assigned her command of the U.S.S. Lakota, an Excelsior-class ship refitted with upgraded weapons, including quantum torpedoes.

Benteen was loyal to Leyton, even going so far as to frame Sisko as a Shapeshifter. But her loyalty was tested when Leyton ordered Benteen to intercept and destroy the Defiant, which was transporting an officer who would expose Leyton's deception, although Benteen and her crew were led to believe the ship was manned by Shapeshifters. Ultimately Sisko convinced her there were no Shapeshifters aboard the Defiant, and unwilling to kill 50 Starfleet officers, she called off her attack and allowed the ship to proceed to Earth, leading to Leyton's resignation.