Bek, Prylar

A Bajoran monk who was long believed to be responsible for the infamous Kendra Valley Massacre where Kai Opaka's son and 42 other Bajoran freedom fighters were ambushed and killed by the Cardassians. Bek confessed in a suicide note to betraying the location of the resistance group, then hung himself on the Promenade of Terok Nor. Evidence discovered in 2370 among the communications records between the Praylar and the Vedek Assembly implicated Vedek Bareil as being the one who ordered Bek to divulge the Kendra Valley location. In point of fact, Bek and Bareil were both covering up the identity of the true collaborator: Kai Opaka, who opted to sacrifice her son and the other resistance fighters in order to prevent the Cardassians from wiping out every village in the area in search of them — a scenario whereby more than a thousand Bajorans would have died instead of 43.