Wormhole, Bajoran

Prophesied and known reverently by the adjacent Bajorans as the 10,000-year-old Celestial Temple of the Prophets they worship, the first known stable wormhole on record was discovered on stardate 46392 by Jadzia Dax and Benjamin Sisko near Bajor's Denorios Belt. In actuality it too is artificial, being constructed of verterons by non-corporeal, non-linear aliens to deliver their exploratory contact orbs, and can be used as a 67-year shortcut through to the Gamma Quadrant near the Idran system 70,000 light-years away. It lies only 15 km off the newly moved station at bearing 157-mark-13. Distant external scanners read the wormhole area upon "opening" as a major subspace disruption with a hike in all wave intensities and unusually high neutrino and proton levels; a lack of wormhole-typical resonance waves reveals its artificial construction. Some 43 seconds of real time went by on the first recorded Starfleet trip through it, timed from closure on one end until closure on the reopened other. Increasing traffic through to the Gamma Quadrant is what finally provokes the wrath of the Dominion, who view it as interference and a violation of territory; they already knew much about the Alpha Quadrant. Precision flying has never been accomplished through the wormhole until Trill initiate Arjin did so in 2370, with thrusters and without inertial dampers. Ships usually drop to impulse while traversing it. Standard external communication is not possible within the wormhole.