Caption: Assan

Star Trek: Voyager

Episode: VOY 249 - Drive

A ruthless fighter pilot from the Imhotep species of the Delta Quadrant, in 2377, Assan participated in the Antarian Trans-Stellar Rally, a rally that the Delta Flyer also entered. Stern and unsociable, Assan regarded the rally not as a friendly race, but more as a battle. His tactics to ensure victory included "scraping," grazing the shields of competitors to damage their vessels or send them off-course.

Beyond that, though, Assan was not a party to acts of sabotage by extremists that nearly ruined the event as a symbol of the new peace. But those acts caused his two fiercest rivals, the Delta Flyer and a Terrellian ship, to drop out of the race, allowing him to easily cross the finish line in first place.

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