Aroya, Chalan

From: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Caption: The Bajoran restaurateur Chalan Aroya

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Episode: DS9 498 - Broken Link

A Bajoran restaurateur who owned the Celestial Cafe, a Bajoran restaurant that opened in 2372 on the second level of Deep Space 9 overlooking the Promenade. She was one of Garak's best customers at his clothing shop, and would regularly come in to try on an alluring dress, and then wear it to work. Aroya had her eye on Odo, and would watch him walk by every morning on patrol, at precisely 09:37. In late 2372, Garak tried to set Odo up with Aroya, without any success — even though Odo admitted she was a lovely woman. Still, Aroya left a standing invitation with Odo to join her for a meal, even though he didn't eat. After Odo was transformed into a solid humanoid by his people, she gave him her sympathy and offered to help him learn the advantages of being humanoid.