Star Trek: The Next Generation
Episode: TNG 105 - Haven

The daughter of Wrenn, a leader of planet Tarella, and one of the last eight survivors of the Tarellian plague caused by a biological weapon used in their planet's wars. Ariana and her people were on a vessel heading to planet Haven (Beta Cassius) in 2364 under the belief that the planet had mystical healing powers, until they were turned away by the Haven government. The beautiful Ariana had unknowingly been in telepathic contact with Wyatt Miller for many years, and the two had seen each other in visions and considered each other their fantasy lovers. Miller, a physician, was on Haven preparing to marry Deanna Troi when the Tarellians arrived, and when he finally met Ariana in person, he decided his destiny was to join the Tarellians and help them find a cure for their disease.