From: Star Trek: Voyager

Caption: Security officer Andrews

Star Trek: Voyager

Episode: VOY 257 - Shattered

Human security officer aboard the U.S.S. Voyager. In 2371, while Voyager was still in the Alpha Quadrant and about to enter the Badlands, Andrews was serving on the bridge when ship's systems began to malfunction and the Maquis outlaw Chakotay appeared in a Starfleet uniform, claiming to be from seven years in the future. When Chakotay appeared again later, Andrews stayed close to Janeway as she listened suspiciously to Chakotay's story about time fractures occurring on the ship. Chakotay had a serum he wanted to inject her with that would allow her to move through the ship, but they didn't believe him, and Andrews was ready to confiscate his hypospray when Chakotay called it a poison and held it to Janeway's neck. Andrews drew his phaser and attempted to save the captain, but Chakotay injected her and pulled her past a temporal barrier, and they both disappeared, leaving Andrews helpless.

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