Anan 7

Caption: Anan 7 of Eminiar VII

Star Trek: The Original Series

Episode: TOS 023 - Taste of Armageddon

Leader of the High Council of Eminiar VII and military commander in the 500-year-old war with neighboring planet Vendikar.

Anan 7 enforced the agreement between the opponents to use computers to wage the conflict, in which people willingly submitted themselves to death chambers when the computer scored a "hit" against their planet, in order to avoid the complete devastation of a real war.

When the U.S.S. Enterprise arrived to bring a Federation ambassador to Eminiar VII in 2267, Anan 7 tried to warn the ship away, but when the warning was ignored, he declared that the ship and all crew aboard have been declared casualties and must be executed.

When Captain Kirk refused to submit to his demands and destroyed the war-waging computer, Anan 7 agreed to open peace talks with Vendikar, realizing that the conflict has lasted so long because his society made it too easy.

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