Alkar, Ambassador Ves

An ambitious Lumerian ambassador for the Federation. In 2369, while Alkar was mediating a dispute in the Rekag-Seronia system, the Enterprise-D crew discovered that he used his empathic abilities to transfer his own negative emotions onto other persons, in order to keep his mind unhindered and therefore remain the perfect negotiator. But this surreptitious practice cause the "receptacles" — as Alkar described them — to develop severe personality disorders and to age rapidly. He was using Sev Maylor as his receptacle, but when she died, he began to inflict his practice upon Deanna Troi. To sever the link, Dr. Crusher simulated a deathlike state in Troi, forcing Alkar to turn to another woman as his new psychic dumping ground, and he chose his aide Liva. But at the moment Alkar was establishing the new link, Captain Picard transported Liva away, leaving Alkar alone with his terrible thoughts, and the psychic burden killed him.