Maquis ships

Maquis ships represent a conglomeration of all variety of older spacecraft, primarily of Federation origin.

One of the more common varieties was the small two or three person vessels which were used by the Maquis for missions to reconnoiter, or ship-to-ship engagements and for convert missions.

In 2370, a small group of such ships were successful at attacking and severely damaging a single Galor-class Cardassian warship, whose captain, Gul Evek, then had to send out a distress signal.

Another Maquis attack fleet of these small vessels was sent to the Demilitarized Zone for the purpose of attacking a Yridian convoy believed to be assisting the Cardassians against the Maquis. However, the attack was aborted when Lieutenant Ro Laren warned the Maquis that a Starfleet ambush was imminent.