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What guys think Advance tantic training commando maybe next Star Terk movie.


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Report this Feb. 26 2014, 5:52 pm

In pratice TNG: "Preemptive Strike they talk about them little Ro Laren was pass the course of Avance tantic training. We only get see one skill able send message that usless for sending but I compl,ete mission or I did not or I am there. Something very usful behind enemy lines.  US army ranges train sometime one man hit teams.  Ro Laren objective been follow beyound just gather basic intellegnce. Take out targets or give were those targets are.  SInce only thing we know about her training able send message I am here. Please fire on me. That hardly sound train in send intellegnce message to about the enemy. More like someone train as comamndo. I think good idea maybe next movie someone pass adavance tantic training some kind commando like attack very important target.

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