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Is Holographic Technology a Viable Possibility?

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Theoretically, it wouldn't be one big honkin' mving patch, but rather many smaller moving patches on the ground. As the two get farther away, the holography would change from each's perpective, to simulate distance.

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The mechanics of the holodeck would be rather difficult to create seeing as how the person would actually be moving forward as if they were walking but the environment would not move at all. Would the holo program actually move the user around in such a way that they would be walking possibly in a circle the whole time but because of the holodeck image being projected it would appearr as if they were running down a starship corridor?

Consulting the Next Generation Technical Manual would be a good place to start.


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Do you think realistic holodeck technology is really possible? Like, in terms of the holodeck we see in Star Trek?


Also, if so, do you think it's on the technological horizon, or far away?



Holodeck way off. A 100 years or more if at all.


We don't even have hologram technology!!! The problem is laser or light does not stop in mid air and that why it is so hard to make hologram.

I read some where about using air bubbles for hologram.Not sure how that works.

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