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where to start?


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Hi Everyone! I never watched any of the full series, I only watched some individual episodes from different series but would like to watch it allShall I start chronologically as they were produced? Or it is not *that* important? Could you please give some suggestions?


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I think it really depends on which series you're watching.  If it's TOS, then it's not quite as important as DS9.  I usually stick with watching things either by chronological date or by episode number (expecially when I'm doing Star Trek marathons.)


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I think I wasn't specific enough in my question. What I would like to know is which series (as a whole) I should watch first. Would you suggest to start from The Original Series, DS9, TNG ...?


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I've watched the series mostly out of order, doing TNG, VOY, DS9. so far, most of it has mostly made sense. if something doesnt. you can look it up in memory alfa and watch an episode in a different series to clarify. Good luck!

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I watched them way out of order, ENT, VOY, TNG, DS9, and TOS and TAS sprinkled throughout. So, I don't think it matters too much.

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