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The episode of Trek that the next Trek movie should be based on is...


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Abrams clearly likes to "borrow" from past Trek, so what's he gonna take next?

I don't know about anyone else, but it has to be from 'Voyager' as that show wasted so many concepts due to its lightweight cast, IMO.

How about the season episode 'The Void'? I'd like to see this premise used in the next Trek movie, with perhaps the klingons and romulans in the void with Kirk and co...

Not sure if you're supposed to put links, but I wrote out my full thoughts here [I'm only an amateur Trek fan, I may not be completely accurate on all things]

Which episode would the rest of you like to see adapted?



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City on the Edge of Forever

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With all due respect, but what makes you think that he will borrow an episode? Maybe he will make an original one next

Lets make sure history never forgets the name... Enterprise


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I don't know if the next movie will be about something already done, or something new, just pointing out the possibility.

If I remember correctly, Christopher Pike commanded the Enterprise for a time before Kirk. In the new set, Kirk takes over command shortly after pike takes command. What happened to all the things that Pike did in the prime timeline? Will Kirk do them? 

The timeline is already changed, for all we know, Kirk may survive the battle of veridian 3, or he may die trying to escape the Klingon prison/labor camp in 'The undiscovered Country'

There are many possibilities

Lets make sure history never forgets the name... Enterprise


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I enjoyed the Operation: Kill JJ plan.


Go through the guardian.

Run over JJ.

Stuff tribbles in his ears for good measure.

Universe repairs itself!

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Fleet Admiral Braxton

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I Do Believe JJ Should Go Back To Organia,"Errand Of Mercy".

el kabongg

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Remake "Omega Glory."   But this time have Kirk tell the Yangs that the good old days weren't as good as they remember and to quit picking on the Kohms.   


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They're not going to remake an episode.

Verdien Ulm

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How about doomsday machine where upon that fugly excuse for an enterprise is finally destroyed and we can get back to ships that look decent.....  i consider jj abrams and his attitude towards trek to be the worst choice for a director or producer of all times.  in an interview  for a show about ILM abrhams stated that lucas created all the great ideas, with out once giving homage to trek or the science fiction from befor lucas.   Lucas is a fantasy writer, not a fiction writer.  abrahams is a jerk pure and simple


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If the next one will be about Klingon hostilities I hope at least we get Kang, Kor, or Koloth.

Are you sure it isn't time for a colorful metaphor?


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"And the children shall lead" because Abrams couldn't make a worse movie than that episode was. 


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I hope they don't use another episode to base the next movie on.  Seems like a shame to spend all this effort establishing a new universe and then just do stuff over again

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