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Gravity source

Admiral John

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Ever wonder why certain glazed objects worble and rattle together long after you set them down?

Irregular surface tensions reacting to one another.

What we refer to as gravity is the balanced surface tensions between the curviture of space and the curved surface of the globe we are on. The mass and density of the globe determines the force of both the outward thrust of the globe and the downward thrust of the curviture of space. The greater the thrust from the curved globe the greater the thrust from the curviture of space. Or we would say greater gravity. This event horizon (or zone) extends to the very core of the globe (as it was formed that way by the curviture od space itself compacting it to that balanced point)... and outward to greater limits in space (since there is no mass or density to cause gravimetric drag). 

Artificial gravity would essentially be fooling local space (a room or a deck) into believing the mass of the area you wish to have gravity in is much bigger and much rounder. More than likely done through magnetic fields (effecting even the non metalic objects). To use this as a thrust to lift payloads into orbit, the magnetic field would be used to fool local space into believing a mass is less than the size of an atom. From )( to () and the slightest propulsion will send the payload in any direction as if sliding on ice. 

From the range of hovercraft / antigrav grips and belts to supersized ships into space. It's all about the curviture tensions being harnassed and channeled to serve our purposes.











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Some very interesting theory, Admiral John.  I would also include a spinning motion.

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