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USS Carpathia, Tauons Fleet (18+ Sim)


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The USS Carpathia is a Intrepid class starship operating in Tauons Fleet. The Carpathia is a Search & Rescue vessel paroling near the Romulan, Federation, and Klingon borders. The Klingons are on the offensive and are stronger than ever. The Romulans are fortifying their borders. The Klingons just closed off the corridor that connected Tauons Fleet to the rest of the federation. 

The USS Carpathia has been tasked with finding a missing Starfleet vessel. The USS Essex has been reported missing, last known coordinates was near the Klingon Border. The USS Essex is a Nova Class science vessel that was on a peaceful mission, Starfleet suspects the Klingons are involved. What has happened to the USS Essex?


Join her in her daring missions, who knows what lies ahead. 

Open Positions: 

Chief Flight Control Officer

Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Engineering Officer

Chief Science Officer 

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Counselor 

Chief Intelligence Officer 

Chief Diplomatic Officer 

Search & Rescue Team XO 


Go to today!


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