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Frusteration over no new tv series


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Is anyone else as frusterated as me that there's still no light at the end of the tunnel? What i mean is that there's no new tv series apparently on the horizon. Can you believe its going on 9 years since trek last graced its home on television? The longest that trek has been off of tv since its inception in 1966 is of course 18 years (tos's end in 1969 to tng's beginning in 1987). We're already half way to reaching that mark with no real end in sight. I remember when I discovered star trek in 2007 when i became hooked watching tos and looking up that star trek on tv ended in 2005. I would of never believed back then that itd be 7 years later and trek would still be off of tv. Me and my brother are also huge star wars fans (trek has past star wars as my favorite much to my brothers annoyance) and we would talk about the mythical new star wars movie that is episode 7 since we were kids. we'd debate how realistic itd be that they make a new movie with luke, leia, han, etc. and i always thought itd happen one day yet my brother never thought itd come to fruition. I would of bet any amount of money I had back 2007 however that a new star trek series would be on tv before a star wars episode 7 movie would hit theatres. Yet here we are and not only will episode 7 hit theatres first but it looks like episodes 8 and 9 and many other spinoff star wars movies will as well. Its just so frusterating and it boggles my mind. i know we've gotten movies since then but even if i did like the new movies which i absolutely do not id still be upset with trek not being where it should be: on tv. there's many issues keeping trek off of tv in my opinion but the biggest one i think is how the franchise's ownership is split up when paramount and cbs seperated. i just wish cbs would do something with trek television wise or sell it. Crap or get off the pot. It seems theyre happy just milking us loyal fans for merchandise dollars. I know thatd theyd never sell it because theyre obviosly making alot of money with the property but for us fans it makes you want to pull your hair out!  What do you guys think?


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Though you can allways enlist at sto

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I agree with you. I have become very frustrated at having no new Star Trek on television. I don't like having to wait for a movie every three or four years and this is coming from somebody who is enjoying the new movies. I also agree with you that I do not like Star Trek's ownership being divided between CBS and Paramount and I am getting to the place where I wish somebody would come along and buy Star Trek lock, stock and barrel so that it can be under one big umbrella the way it should be. Maybe Disney can buy it, they are buying everthing under the sun anyway. But honestly I would want somebody who would care about Star Trek to buy it. And while Paramont does seem to care about Star Trek, I am guessing they are not allowed to do a television series and CBS who is allowed to do a television sereis does not seem to care enough to see that happen. 


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You can also get your Star Trek fix by reading the books.

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