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Female Kirk?


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In this age of rewriting Charactors, what would you imagine a female version Captain James T. Kirk may be like.

Any ideas? hunting after men like Kirk does with women or would the Female version be hunting after women? you gt the idea. just one of my random musings i sometimes spout out.



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I always thought Captain/Admiral Janeway was like a female Kirk.

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Not too sure I'd agree with the whole Kirk/Janeway assessment, but each to their own. I'm pretty sure that there is a female Kirk in one of the animated series (the whole crew is opposite sex). You could check it out. My bad. It could also be in a comic, not too sure now.

Both Kirk and Janeway are headstrong characters but Kirk (in my mind) was more.....brave to the point of recklessness. Sort of, frontiersman-like "Let's see what's...out there!". Janeway was put in bad situation. (Q leaving Voyager in the Delta Quadrant) and had to deal with the resulting dramas. Not that she wasn't brave, but I wouldn't call her adventurous. Both could use charm to their advantage but as Janeway had a partner, it wasn't like she was out getting her freak on like Kirk. Their humour was also very different, Janeway's being quite dry and Kirk's more open and based on timing.

Well, that's my two-cents worth anyway. Hope you are able to find the female Kirk I referred to.

Cheers all :-)


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You know a recent issue of the comic book addresses this right?


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In fact, they just had a news item on said issue on this very website recently.

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Sorry, #maniaconwheels, I don't have a web address. However, if you have a look through this site's database, or even search Google for Star Trek comics/female Kirk I'm sure you'll find it. Good luck and.cheers to all :-)


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Quote: ManiacOnWheels @ Feb. 17 2014, 3:56 am


>You know a recent issue of the comic book addresses this right?

Just in the news:


Star Trek IDW Comics

Drunkin Druid

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I think the misogynists might have some words for a female Kirk!

J Inkwell

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I personally would be interested to read that comic book!

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