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What's the order for Star Trek in production order?


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Hey, I'm new to the forums! Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section. What would be the complete order for every Star Trek show and every move in production order?


For example this site is air date and this site is star date but what would be a good site for production order?


Thank you!


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Well I can give you a straight forward idea of the production order and the chronological order.

The original TOS pilot was made in 1964 but didn't air until like 1988 I think. Then TOS ran from 1966-1969. The next thing was TAS which ran for two short seasons from 1973-1974. Star Trek The Motion Picture came out in 1979. Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn came out in 1982. Star Trek III The Search For Spock came out in 1984. Star Trek IV The Voyage Home was 1986. Star Trek The Next Generation began in 1987 and went to 1994. Star Trek V The Final Frontier came out in 1989. Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country came out in 1991. Star Trek Deep Space Nine began in 1993 and went to 1999. DS9 ran alongside TNG starting in TNG's 6th season. When TNG was ending, DS9 was ending it's 2nd season. Star Trek Generations was released in 1994. Star Trek Voyager began in 1995 and ran until 2001 running alongside DS9. Voyager began during DS9's 3rd season and when DS9 was ending, Voyager was ending it's 5th season. Star Trek First Contact was released in 1996. Star Trek Insurrection was released in 1998. Star Trek Enterprise began in 2001 and ran to 2005. Star Trek Nemesis was released in 2002. After 2005, there was no more Trek until JJ Abrams Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013. Hope that helps.


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