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Greetings -


I have been a fan of Star Trek since the day I was born.  And yes, I was born into a family that loves Star Trek, but I have followed it myself over the years and become infatuated not only with Star Trek but with the Science Fiction genre itself.

I am not sure how to collaborate or share ideas but I am wondering who I talk to with regard to ideas I have for Series and franchise evolution and perseverance of probably the best science fiction franchise in existence.


I can imagine that these things are not cheap and the ideas must be good to make it worthwhile and profitable and groundbreaking.  And I am also sure I am just one of many who want to contribute.


Any advice/information in this arena would be most appreciated.


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Well, unless you know someone at Paramount, it would be pretty hard to break into the franchise.

Although, I would greatly appreciate a new show set in the prime universe!


Good Luck to you!

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