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I know this isn't Trek related but it is still related to FTL travel.


Here is a new thought to think about involving Black Holes and FTL Travel.

I thought about this idea after watching After Earth


Everyone knows that a black hole is the second most powerful force in the Universe the first being the Big Bang. We also know that a light photon is only affected by a black hole. I firmly believe that the Universe would not be the way it is unless black holes existed to keep the expansion from simply rocketing off into space. Black holes hold areas of the Universe together that would otherwise spin off into space creating miniature Universes around the black hole. I think this idea involves String Theory where energetic reactions taking place at faster than light speed velocities are taking place between each black hole because of a black holes pull on the other black hole that causes matter to be transported faster than normal through the Sub-Quantum matrix of exotic matter known as Dark Matter or Dark Energy.  The energy transference is happening so fast that it cannot even be measured until an event takes place that causes the energy traveling through the two points to suddenly stop causing a Big Bang to occur.

So basically Traveling would be finding two black holes that were close together maybe several billion miles apart where each black holes pull on the other would not be destructive but could be accessed at the Sub-Quantum level to propel the ship in a direction that would reside along the String.

Basically the theory revolves around how a stream works. On two sides of a stream you have calm and slow moving water then all of a sudden you have a string of water maving along a path at an incredibly fast rate, faster than the rest of the water is moving.


Stephen Hawking shakes up theory (again): Black holes are actually gray




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This theoretically sounds doable.  Thanks, dryson!

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Basically as my theory suggests one black hole would be pulling on the other black holes tail or funnel which would cause a Universe wide network connection. If you were to take two tubes one with the mouth facing up and the end facing down with the other tubes mouth facing the end of the first tube and poured water through the first tube the water would travel along the interior surface of the first tube or the funnel of the first blackhole where the gravitational forces of the second black hole would slowly over time pull the water into the event horizon of the second black hole.

The farther away from each other that the black holes were means that the gravitational pull on the particles from the first black hole would create various velocities that we are not able to detect obviously because we do not have the technology to do so.

A vessel accessing this network could attenuate its field generators to emit a field of energy that would couple the vessel to any of the particles within the stream depending on how fast the vessel needed to travel.

When the vessel wanted to arrive at its destination the frequency coupling would simply be disengaged allowing the vessel to return to a normal velocity as local gravitational factors relative to General and Special Relativity took over.

Who knows in time science might discover such a network seeing as how the debate about gravity is still like a two year old child. Full or turmoil and tantrums but always getting into places it shouldn't be...or rather it wasn't expected to be in but showed up in none the less.

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