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Report this Jan. 29 2014, 5:26 am

That was a great documentary with a lot of heart. If you've ever loved, enjoyed, appreciated Star Trek in any of its incarnations, check out "Trek Nation", created and hosted by Gene Roddenberry's son. Follow his journey from estranged son who doesn't get it, to learning about the legacy from the fans and those who created it, and ultimately embracing what is so special and crucial about the show, and what it means for humanity and the hopeful.

Watching Star Trek Phoenix this morning, the fan-made film on youtube, it's really quite good, and I hope a new Star Trek series comes along someday... one that is less guns, less action overall, and more aligned with Roddenberry' vision.


Wow, that was actually really good, some solid, intelligent and well thought out writing, and effects... a bit dicey but that's due to low budget, but damn good for a fan made episode.  Enjoyed the music too.


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