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Creating a point in the Universe when life could have started


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Report this Jan. 27 2014, 2:26 pm

Life would have had its infancy directly after the Big Bang occured but in order for life to have evolved in the Universe there would had to have been a factor that was present that caused the rapidly slowing expansion to slow down.

The only factor that I can think of would be the black hole. When the first sun collapsed into a black hole is when the expansion of the Big Bang would have started to have a force exerted against it that would have caused matter to once again change its molecular structure.

Otherwise the expansion of the Big Bang would have simply ejected material into space that would have simply burned out without a black hole creating a different force on it.

The best place to start looking for life would be the oldest known black hole in the Universe where from that point Universal Rings could be established in an outward pattern to at least give a general area of where life could have evolved in the Universe.

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